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Graphics Created with Paint Shop Pro

Lori's Web Graphics: Links

Paint Shop Pro

Corel Community

Camp Ratty (home of the PSP FAQ - and much more)

Paint Shop Pro's Very Frequently Asked Questions

Paint Shop Pro Resources (

PSP InterActive Zone

Paint Shop Pro Users Group

Made with Paint Shop Pro

Paranormal PSP8 (by JP Kabala)

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials by Pinoy7

Foto Graphics - PSP8 Tutorials (by Joe Apice)

PSP Toybox (by Sonja Shea)

Suz's Place (PSP Tips and Tricks by Suz Shook & friends)

PSP Tips & Tricks - Version X2 (by Suz Shook and friends)

PSP Scripts

5th Street Studio [Free Stuff][PSP Presets and Scripts] (by Angela M. Cable)

Digital Art Resources PSP Scripts Collection (by Tracy Pori)

Pixelnook (by Gary Barton)

PSP Graphics & Resources (by Joske Backer)

Sheilsoft PSP Scripts (by Howard Dickson)

Suz's Place: PSP Scripts (By Suz Shook)

PSP Picture Tubes

Corel's PSP Tubes

5th Street Studio [Free Stuff][Tubes]

Diana Todd's Free Tubes

PSP Brushes

Gail's Brushes - Designs by Magic

PSP Picture Frames

Corel's PSP Frames

Digital Arts Resources PSP Frames


SOE: Creating Vector Shapes

SOE: Text Around a Circular Path

Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Neocognition (Components by Angela Cable)

Scrapstuff on Dizteq (Freebies and tutorials by Sally Beacham)

Plugin Filters

Alien Skin Software (Eye Candy, Xenofex, Splat! and Image Doctor)

Amphisoft Plugins

Fantastic Machines (Home of Paint Engine & FM Tile Tools)

Flaming Pear (Super Blade Pro and much more)

GraphicXtras.Com (Andrew Buckle)

ImageSkill Software

Mehdi Plugins

MuRa's Filters

namesuppressed Design

The Plugin Site

Simple Filters Page

Steve's Desktop Photography - Filter Factory Galleries


Blade Pro Presets

5th Street Studio [Free Stuff][BladePro Presets]

Dizteq's Blade Pro and Super BP tutorials (presets, too)

New Dawn Micro Blade Pro presets

State of Entropy: Paint Shop Pro Graphics (Also has tuts for older versions of PSP)

Freeware & Shareware Fonts

Ænigma Games & Fonts

Astigmatic One Eye

The Dingbat Pages

Emerald City Fontwerks

Font Freak

Font Garden

Fonts & Things

House of Lime

Kingthings Fonts

Larabie Fonts

misprinted type

Paul Lloyd Fonts


PNG Home Site

PNG in Windows IE

Web Graphics and Web Development

Essential Links to Web Graphics Resources

Web Designer's Paradise

Webmonkey: design | graphics Web/Authoring/Graphics

WDVL: Graphics Tools, Techniques, Examples and Resources

Other Resources

Paint Shop Pro Resources Tutorials (for older versions of PSP)

Scanner Basics 101 (Wayne Fulton's scan tips)


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