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Digital Scrapbooking

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Corel has recently released PaintShop Photo Pro X3.

Here are some of my thoughts on PSPPX3.

You may also want to take a look at Suz Shook's Tips & Tricks - PSP Version X2, a compilation of information from several PSP/PSPP experts.

Want to know more about PSP or digital scrapbooking? Check out my books:

Also see my PSP metallic effects tutorial at Graphics Unleashed: This extended tutorial with downloadable resources is available for a small fee.

Paint Shop Pro Photo X2/PaintShop Photo Pro X3

Coming soon

Check out some of my thoughts on PSPPX2 and on PSPPX3.

Paint Shop Pro X/PSP Photo X1

Misc. Tips

Bigger Bevels

All of the PSP9, PSP8, and scrapbooking tutorials below are adaptable for PSPX and PSPPX1. Note, though, that in some cases the interface has changed. Tools and commands may be in different locations, and some may have been relegated to "Unused" (and so would need to be added back in via customization in order to be accessible).

Paint Shop Pro 9


Note: All of the PSP8 tutorials below are readily adaptable for PSP9. Also see the tutorials under Scrapbooking.

Check out some of my thoughts on PSP9.

Paint Shop Pro 8

Photo Editing

Ansel Adams-like Photos

Balls and Bubbles

B&B Basics


Image as Mask
Image as Mask (2)

Seamless Tiles

The Seamless Tiling Effect

Picture Tubes

Tube Placement Options

Scrapbooking (with PSP)

Backgrounds and Papers

Stripes from Photos

Mats and Frames

Coming soon...


Simple Tag (1)
Simple Tag (2)

Third-party Filters and Tools

I've decided to retire most of my old 3rd-party filter tutorials, but I'll be writing up some new ones either here or on my new site.

In the meantime, check out the new Eye Candy 6 at Alien Skin Software. And let's not forget other older standbys like Xenofex 2. (But unfortunately for those who loved it, Splat! has been discontinued.)

The folks at Alien Skin sure know how to cook up some great filters.

Last updated February 15, 2010

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